Muscle Anatomy Master Class – Axial Body Region

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Muscle Anatomy Master Class (MAMC) – Axial Body Region
(23.5 NCBTMB and NYS CE Hours)
The Axial Body Region of the Muscle Anatomy Master Class (MAMC) features a total of 72 muscles divided into 4 Modules:

Chest & Abdomen Module (5 NCBTMB and NYS CE Hours)
Neck Module (11.5 NCBTMB and NYS CE Hours)
Back Module (3.5 NCBTMB and NYS CE Hours)
Head Module (3.5 NCBTMB and NYS CE Hours coming soon!)

    • External intercostals
    • Internal intercostals
    • Transversus thoracis
    • Pectoralis major
    • Pectoralis minor
    • Rectus abdominis
    • External abdominal oblique
    • Internal abdominal oblique
    • Transversus abdominis
    • Psoas major
    • Psoas minor
    • Diaphragm
    • Trapezius
    • Splenius capitis
    • Splenius cervicis
    • Levator scapulae
    • Semispinalis capitis
    • Rectus capitis posterior major
    • Rectus capitis posterior minor
    • Obliquus capitis inferior
    • Obliquus capitis superior
    • Rectus capitis lateralis
    • Rectus capitis anterior
    • Sternocleidomastoid
    • Anterior scalene
    • Middle scalene
    • Posterior scalene
    • Longus colli
    • Longus capitis
    • Platysma
    • Sternohyoid
    • Sternothyroid
    • Thyrohyoid
    • Omohyoid
    • Digastric
    • Mylohyoid
    • Geniohyoid
    • Stylohyoid
    • Erector spinae group
    • Transversospinalis group
    • Quadratus lumborum
    • Latissimus dorsi
    • Serratus posterior superior
    • Serratus posterior inferior
    • Interspinales
    • Intertransversarii
    • Levatores costarum
    • Subcostales
    • Temporalis
    • Masseter
    • Lateral pterygoid
    • Medial pterygoid
    • Occipitofrontalis
    • Temporoparietalis
    • Auricularis group
    • Orbicularis oculi
    • Levator palpebrae superioris
    • Corrugator supercilii
    • Procerus
    • Nasalis
    • Depressor septi nasi
    • Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi
    • Levator labii superioris
    • Zygomaticus minor
    • Zygomaticus major
    • Levator anguli oris
    • Risorius
    • Depressor anguli oris
    • Depressor labii inferioris
    • Mentalis
    • Buccinator
    • Orbicularis oris

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Each muscle is featured and taught with 5 distinct video lessons. Here is a sample of each video lesson:

Drawn Anatomy


Muscle Actions



Just so you know…
What is my commitment to MAMC – Axial Body Region?
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MAMC automatically renews at the end of your commitment time. Once it renews, you are committed for the renewal period.
Muscle Anatomy Master Class (MAMC) and all its content are wholly owned by the Art and Science of Kinesiology LLC

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