Piriformis & the Deep Lateral Rotators (Bundle #1)


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These high quality streaming video lessons for online continuing education for massage therapists (and indeed ALL manual therapists and movement professionals) are focused on a specific subject to further fine tune your knowledge. Each bundle of video lessons features unique videos (only available on Learnmuscles.com) created by international author and teacher, Dr. Joe Muscolino.

Educational Videos in this bundle are:

  • Piriformis (1:59 min)
  • Multiple Approaches to Stretching the Piriformis (20:29 min)
  • Transitioning Piriformis Stretch into Sacroiliac Joint Mobilization (3:15 min)
  • Piriformis Syndrome (2:34 min)
  • Obturator Externus – Posterior View (1:46 min)
  • Piriformis pin and stretch modification with Michael Wolff (2:22 mins)
  • Piriformis Horizontal Adduction Stretch – Modified for Anterior Discomfort (2:00 mins)
  • Piriformis Horizontal Adduction Stretch – Modified for the Knee Joint (2:07 mins)

Note: Once purchased, you will have access to these continuing education videos for as long as the Learnmuscles.com learning service stays online. There is no time limit to access this video bundle. You can access all your videos on any device with Internet access.