Learnmuscles.com covers all things musculoskeletal (neuro-myo-fascio-skeletal), from foundational anatomy and physiology (kinesiology) and pathomechanics, to hands-on manual and movement therapy assessment and treatment techniques.

Learnmuscles.com is primarily dedicated to manual and movement therapists, instructors, trainers, and physicians, but is oriented toward anyone interested in manual and movement therapy.

About Dr. Joe Muscolino

  • Dr. Muscolino is a licensed soft-tissue oriented chiropractic physician with a private practice in Stamford, CT. He has been in practice since 1985.
  • Dr. Joe taught anatomy and physiology at Purchase College, State University of New York (SUNY) for five years.
  • He also taught kinesiology and musculoskeletal and visceral anatomy, physiology, and pathology courses at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy (CCMT) from 1986 – 2010.
  • Dr. Muscolino is also an approved provider by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) for continuing education (CE) credit for massage therapists and bodyworkers and runs numerous advanced study workshops.
  • He offers multiple levels of Certification in Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) around the US and the world.
  • COMT is open to all manual and movement therapists/instructors/trainers, including massage therapists, Rolfers, physical and occupational therapists, Pilates and yoga instructors, fitness trainers, and university professors. COMT covers orthopedic and palpation assessment, body mechanics for deep soft tissue manipulation, stretching (beginner and advanced), and Arthrofascial Stretching (AFS) – Soft Tissue (Grade IV) Joint Mobilization.
  • He also has a video streaming subscription service for manual and movement therapists called LearnMuscles Continuing Education (LMCE).
  • LMCE contains the content of all of Dr. Joe’s DVDs, as well as full lectures and workshops, PDFs of two of his books, all his published articles, and shorter video lessons.
  • LMCE contains over 2500 video lessons with ten (10) new video lessons added each and every week! And all of the old content always remains! LMCE also contains over 250 hours of free CE credit through the NCBTMB. And, once you sign up, the price is a lifetime-guaranteed price that will never go up (as long as you remain subscribed)
  • And Dr. Joe Muscolino created Anatomy Master Classes in Bones and Joints (BAJAMC), Muscles (MAMC), Kinesiology (KMC), and Visceral Anatomy (VAMC).
    • Bone and Joint Anatomy Master Class (BAJAMC) contains more than 50 hours of videos and lecture presentations accompanied by pdf slide presentations.
    • Muscle Anatomy Master Class (MAMC) contains more than 1,000 videos, including 40 hours of lecture presentation accompanied by pdf slide presentations.
    • Kinesiology Master Class (KMC) contains more than 100 hours of lecture presentation accompanied by pdf slide presentations.
    • Visceral Anatomy Master Class (VAMC) contains the essential visceral anatomy that is needed by manual therapists and movement professionals. Thirteen visceral systems are covered with lecture accompanied by pdf slide presentations. (Coming Soon).
  • LMCE and all Master Classes can be subscribed to by educational institutions with access for all their students.

He also runs in-services for instructors of massage therapy, covering topics such as how to teach muscles, muscle palpation, kinesiology, and more; as well as in-services for Pilates and yoga instructors and fitness trainers on all subjects of musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology, and kinesiology.