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Joe MuscolinoDr. Joseph Muscolino has been in private practice as a Chiropractic physician since 1985. He graduated from Western States Chiropractic College (WSCC) in Portland, Oregon with a wide breadth of assessment and treatment technique knowledge.

Dr. Joseph Muscolino’s approach is to spend quality time with his patients for thorough and comprehensive care, in a patient-friendly atmosphere that is not rushed.

He excels at making an accurate diagnosis, clearly explaining to patients what he has found and recommends, and developing a treatment plan that is tailored for each patient’s specific needs.

Dr. Joseph Muscolino mixes soft tissue techniques, including massage therapy and stretching, into every visit. Treatment sessions are one hour in length. All of this time is spent with Dr. Muscolino for thorough and comprehensive care.


Dr. Muscolino: I just got home from tai chi and wanted to thank you for giving me back some flexibility today. My pre-class stretching was much more normal and came easily, especially when stretching hamstrings. In general, I just feel more at comfortable in my body. It is certainly a nice change and has provided me with valuable body awareness. Thanks!Kristina W.
I saw you once in 2008 and you were able to pinpoint immediately a trumpet problem I was having, and had a plan to fix it that some of the world’s best specialists in NYC and Boston couldn’t figure out. Saved my career. So thank you! Unfortunately I’m having a different problem on the other side now. I have a feeling I pulled a strap muscle on the left side of my throat, but I’m not sure and am wondering if you might be able to see me. Do you have a free hour anytime soon?Tom B., Professional Musician

Each appointment is 60 minutes.
The first appointment is 120 minutes which includes a history, exam, and treatment.

Office hours are by appointment only.

To schedule an appointment, either:
email [email protected]
text or call: 203-788-7635

Dr. Muscolino practices in Stamford, CT, at:
1177 Summer Street, 2nd floor
at the Art of Control Pilates Studio
Stamford, CT 06905

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