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“Hey Doc, Friend, Mentor,
Just writing to say hi and let you know I’m thinking of you. Well, actually, I’m always thinking of you during these times of Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the time we spent together and all the education you have given me. You were the one who took me under your wing during all those cadaver lab and Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) classes. You weren’t afraid to teach me, as a blind man; and you weren’t afraid to guide my hands to palpate the muscles, tendons, joints, etc.
There are times when I have a tough situation in my massage treatment office, and I say to myself: OK what would Dr. Joe do? So, thank you.
You mentioned to the class to study, study every day; leave a book in the bathroom to study… and someday, just someday it’s gonna click. Well, I’m here to say, it’s clicking, and I love every minute of it! I love the challenge and I love to help people get better! Thanks Dr. Joe.
Life is good, and I wish you and your family much happiness and health.”

– Al Golabek, Licensed Massage Therapist


“Dear Dr. Joe, thank you for coming halfway across the world to Singapore. What I come away with from your workshops on orthopedic manual therapy, was how important critical thinking is in understanding and treating clients. Your knowledge and passion for the work are so inspiring. It has been a privilege to meet you and attend your courses.”

– May T., Rehabilitation Specialist, Singapore


“Good Evening Joe, I want to thank you again for your excellent workshop presentation on the neck this past weekend at the AMTA convention held in Tarrytown, NY. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate what I learned from the technique workshop Friday and Saturday and the way you explained and presented the information in Sunday’s Kineseiology class. It has given me a new perspective on how to assess and identify the possible causes of pain in problem areas of the neck. During my twenty-five year career as a massage therapist I have attended many continuing education workshops, accumulating over 3500 CE hours and obtaining certification status in many hands on modalities. I have had the privilege of studying with very well known and respected teachers in the Chiropractic, Osteopathic, Medical and Massage professions, many of whom you might know. They are highly recognized for their work and considered experts in their particular specialty. However, I must admit that although all of the past workshops were well organized learning environments and the material presented was of great educational value nothing has ever compared to what I experienced and learned from you during the workshop sessions and lecture in three days. My students will reap a great benefit this week in class as I will impart upon them some of the philosophies and wisdom I learned from You, Chris & Michael. I am looking forward to taking future classes and completing the COMT Certification.”

– Ken W., LMT & Massage Therapy Instructor


“Thank you again for sharing your gift with us! You are a great instructor and your passion really shines through. You inspire me to be the best therapist I can be. I truly look forward to future classes (ie. Cadaver Lab or repeats of COMT), any opportunity to glean as much from you as possible!!”

– Amy H., Massage Therapist, VA


“Dear Joe, your dissection program, or as I call it,’The Cadaver Retreat’ was absolutely amazing. There is so much to learn.You give us the freedom to discover and explore. The workshop was priceless! As a care giver and body worker, I can translate my enthusiasm, passion, and respect for the beautiful biological machine we carry ourselves around in through space and time, to others whom I cross my professional and personal life. BiG BiG Thank You!”

– Zoya S., LMT


“Hello Joe, I know I do not need to tell you, but I want to say that last week was a life changing experience for me. THANK you for your gift of knowledge along with Kevin, Alex, and Chris. I am consistently inspired with what I learn at your COMT series workshops, however this cadaver dissection lab was undoubtedly something else. I will never forget it.”

– Melissa M., LMT


“Thank you Joe. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. It, as always, sharpens my skill level and makes me more aware of my clients needs. Although I do not have a clinical practice like the other therapists, I still treat my clients with the most excellent care I can give them under the extenuating circumstances that I find them in. Getting them painfree and mobile enough to continue in their everyday circumstances is my goal. I travel to 5 states to do this, both for equine and for people. I hope to continue this practice well into my 80s and am taking lots of steps to insure that my mental and physical outlook can achieve my goal. I chose a “working retirement” because I love the work so much that the possibility of having to give up doing what I am doing and being who I am being does not comply with my soul or my spirit. Thank you for coming and teaching us in Vt. We are small but we are mighty in what we do here for others. We need to have and review the information you are giving us because we are helping people, one at a time here, recover theirselves and realize their potential to live. Thank you.”

– Eva P., Equine (and human) Massage Therapist, Vermont.


“Just wanted to thank you for an amazing weekend. After 22 years of successful practice (I’ve been seeing 20-30 clients a week all these years) it is exactly what I needed to sustain me for another 22 years. I’ve immediately incorporated the neck work which is a nice treat after a workshop. I’ve lowered my table and feel like a new MT again. I’m hoping to see you in May for the next session. Thank you and safe travels to the Southern Hemisphere.”

– Jenn S. Licensed Massage Therapist


“This was an amazing workshop. I will use all of these skills in my private practice! I have taken many continuing ed. workshops over the past 16 years, and feel this workshop was one of the best. Thank you!”

– Andrea A., NCTMB Massage Therapist.


“Amazing workshop!! :)”

– Mia L., Licensed Massage Therapist


“Wow!Great seminar! The key ingredient was your heart. You give it to each and every one of us. Your enthusiasm is boundless! A fan of yours, forever!”

– Rich R., Licensed Massage Therapist


“Dear Dr. Joe, I attended your workshop last week in Vermont. I loved it!! As a Massage Therapist & Certified Athletic Trainer, I have found it challenging to find workshops that satisfy my continuing education requirements for both professions. Unfortunately, it has been a really long time since I have been that engaged in a workshop. I am passionate about ‘raising the bar’ for the massage therapy profession. I too, agree that massage therapists need a more solid foundation in Anatomy & Physiology. Attending your workshop reminded me of my days at Springfield College where my professors challenged me to as you say ‘think critically & creatively apply’ I look forward to attending your workshop next November in Vermont.”

– Maureen, Massage Therapist and Certified Athletic Trainer


“I just wanted to say thanks. Being in the cadaver lab was an experience I wouldn’t trade, but what really made the class worthwhile for me was having you teach it. You are a big part of the reason I decided to pursue teaching and continue on to grad school. Your enthusiasm and ability to reason things out and in turn deliver that comprehensively to your students is unparalleled. If I achieve even half of that in my teaching career, I’ll be content. I realize that my appreciation for the lab is probably of a different nature than most, but I wanted to be sure to let you know.”

– Alicia, Licensed Massage Therapist


“I recently attended your courses for five days in Sydney. I would like to once again thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and passion with me. I absolutely appreciated your direct advice and comments when I was practicing with my partner. Doing your courses has helped me so much in my clinic. I have had new clients who I have been treating for three years say that this is the most relief they have had. This was done by using your techniques. My treatment In my clinic has reached a higher level.”

– Cono C., Remedial Massage Therapist, Australia


“Joe was a fantastic presenter – the workshop was hands on, practical, informative; and his style of imparting information in a concise, clear and detailed manner was very impressive. The workshop consolidated and clarified some of my techniques, as well as expanding my knowledge of correct mobilisation. It is very comforting to attend such a workshop that is relevant, and also a reminder of the correct body mechanics for the therapist (that can easily become habitually incorrect over time).”

– Jacky C., Massage Therapist, Australia


“While sitting on the train on the way home I realised what I should have written for the question on the evaluation form about the most valuable part of the course. Joe has inspired me to dig deeper into the knowledge I already have and to pursue more information about the body in further study. I have been to many courses in the past which were unable to do more than pass on a few interesting techniques, many of which were not easy for the therapist to perform unless they were a 6 foot male with arms twice the length of mine. It is a true gift to be able to inspire your students, especially those who have been in the field for a few years and are unaccustomed to learning. The class challenged me and my way of thinking without belittling the areas I am weak in. The content was thorough yet simple to understand with Joe’s wonderful way of teaching. His immense technical knowledge of the body has shown me how effective we can be as therapists if we apply all of the resources that are available to us. Thank you so much for this weekend, I had a fantastic time.”

– Anita S., Massage Therapist, Australia


“High 5! on the full-page ad for NCAP/NCBTMB. Your articles are the first thing I read when I get the MTJ. Since I’m throwing down, there’s not a working day that passes without my using knowledge imparted in your classes. As I continue growing and exploring in this field, you stand among few I regard as brilliant educators. Thank you.”

– Sandy T., Massage Therapist


“A client of mine said I gave her the best neck massage she ever had 🙂 I used many things I learned from the neck workshop.”

– Irene, licensed massage therapist and massage therapy instructor


“I write to express my admiration for your work. Since your texts were recommended to me by my instructor as the definitive resource for studying kinesiology, I have steadily acquired the full set. Dog-eared and embellished with my scribblings as they have become, they remain the backbone (!) of my learning and the first reference I turn to.”

– Paul, personal fitness trainer


“Joe changed my world! I have never had an emotional response in a “CE” class or workshop & I almost cried in class because he found a way to make me see that I have all the tools; I have just been using them the wrong way, which is why it always seems so hard & to be so much work! I believe this is the 1st big ah-ha! moment I have had in my career path. Thank you very much.”

– Maj-Lis – Massage Therapy Instructor


“Hi Joe, I wanted to touch base regarding the workshop in Clinton April 5th. First of all thanks again for taking the time to introduce me to the material. I’ve had 2 weeks of massage work to implement the techniques and find it highly effective and very positively received. These years I’ve always felt I used my body effectively and wisely, engaging my larger muscle groups, and using leverage, staying low and keeping my back straight and head neutral but WOW what a difference being more exact with the geometry makes. The angle of approach is everything; I am able to work so much deeper with almost no effort, definitely no effort in my hands, wrists or arms. I can easily modify the pressure to accommodate each clients needs and when deep pressure is appropriate I produce it with little effort.”

– Jill D., LMT and MT instructor


“Hi Joe, I really enjoyed your class this past Sunday in Westport Conn. It was definitely worth the 6 hour commute! Please add me to your email list of workshops etc. It was a much needed inspiration to get back into the anatomy and to hear it described with such exactness and eloquence. It had been five years since my last anatomy class. (that’s my confession) so thank you.”

-Kelly F.


“I just wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and for creating the opportunity for such amazing learning and growth! I left the workshop with a feeling of understanding, compassion and gratitude! I never really considered what a tremendous gift it is to donate your body to science until yesterday. Joe and I took a moment to express our gratitude before entering the cadaver room, but it was not until we were done that I realized how deeply grateful I am.”

– Sheryl C., LMT


“Honestly, you are one of the best instructors I have had in any school I attended. You know your material, first of all, but more importantly you teach in a way that is very easy to understand and you are very fair. Traits not easily found all together in one teacher.”

– Kirk B., Massage Therapy Student


“Dr. Muscolino, I was one of your previous students at SUNY Purchase in your 100 level Anatomy courses. I wanted to email you to thank you for your class. I recently started medical school, and the way you made the class learn muscles, terminology, and word origins has really helped me this first week of medical school. I feel ahead of the game in ways that I would have never been able prepare myself for just studying out of a book. So thank you again for the amazing education you provided me.”

– Jessica H., Medical School Student


“I highly recommend the Kinesiology textbook and online course for testing to anyone that’s interested in learning and understanding the human body in such a way that makes it easy, enjoyable and most of all understandable. The tests can be challenging but if you study the material and understand it before moving forward then the tests are a breeze!
This course actually changed my direction in life as I had no previous credentials to show for my qualifications as a strength and conditioning coach and movement teacher. People now can see that I have a solid understanding and foundation in Kinesiology which is the study of human movement. Because of this book and online testing I now have this foundation!
Lastly, Dr. Joseph Muscolino, author of the Kinesiology textbook is an outstanding teacher on every level and it shows in his book and in his profession. First class all the way! I thank Dr. Muscolino for such a great opportunity in what he has to offer to others!”

– Joe Musselwhite., Strength & Conditioning Specialist, RBTC, World Record Holder

“Your advanced class is everything I ever wanted in a Muscle Anatomy Class….and so much more! It is the best educational course I could have ever purchased toward my career in Massage & Bodywork. After 13 years as a LMBT, I am pleased with how this course is translating in my practice. I am able to address the body in a more specific way, leaving me in gratitude for how I am evolving in my work.”
– Tara M., LMBT

“The MAMC modules and the detail in each video is fantastic! I am blown away.”
– Joan R., LMT, CLT, E-RYT500

“Once again, Dr. Joe Muscolino has created an amazing learning tool.
With new content uploaded each and every week, LMCE is a “must-have tool” for any serious Manual Therapist.
I always look forward each week to the latest LMCE material.
I cannot recommend highly enough LearnMuscles Continuing Education to every Manual Therapist.”
– Cono C., Registered Massage Therapist

“Dr. Muscolino: I enjoyed the book and format for your self-study course. I have only taken a few distance learning CE courses, but I have to say yours was far and away the best. The content and layout of material and the quizzes themselves were more challenging than some hands-on courses I have taken. Having sat in a classroom with you for many semesters, I believe you have created a distance learning product that is as close to being in your classroom as you could achieve without actually being there yourself. ”

– Megan H., Massage Therapist


“I highly recommend the Kinesiology textbook and online course for testing to anyone that’s interested in learning and understanding the human body in such a way that makes it easy, enjoyable and most of all understandable. The tests can be challenging but if you study the material and understand it before moving forward then the tests are a breeze!
This course actually changed my direction in life as I had no previous credentials to show for my qualifications as a strength and conditioning coach and movement teacher. People now can see that I have a solid understanding and foundation in Kinesiology which is the study of human movement. Because of this book and online testing I now have this foundation!
Lastly, Dr. Joseph Muscolino, author of the Kinesiology textbook is an outstanding teacher on every level and it shows in his book and in his profession. First class all the way! I thank Dr. Muscolino for such a great opportunity in what he has to offer to others!”

– Joe Musselwhite., Strength & Conditioning Specialist, RBTC, World Record Holder

“I really have to thank you for your rigour, clarity and precision in ‘Kinesiology’. I do not use these terms lightly. I find these qualities surprisingly hard to come by. And when they are lacking I get very stressed and end up doubting myself. ‘Why can’t I understand this? I must be an idiot!’ Your book has literally been a healing journey! I can’t wait to read the next one.”

– Amelie, Anatomy Enthusiast, London, UK


“What an amazing book on the musculoskeletal system! It is clear, well-written and engaging on subject matter that could be considered dreary. Dr. Joseph Muscolino shows how one can understand musculature and functions without memorising them. It’s a wonderful book on Kinesiology. The illustrations alone are well worth the read.”

– May T., Rehabilitation Specialist, Singapore


“Dr. Muscolino: I am SO EXCITED!! Joe’s new KNOW THE BODY is so absolutely PERFECT for our program needs that it is as if he wrote it specially for our college curriculum and also the state-provided curriculum requirements in Kinesiology! KNOW THE BODY will fill all our needs for Kinesiology re: bodywork techniques we teach and the knowledge the students require for their future licensure exam. I am going through it now and becoming more and more excited!! Joe has continued his style of presenting information in a comfortable, concise and clear manner that students like and can absorb easily. He evidences superb talents as a educator.”

– Roberta W., Massage Therapy Instructor


“Dr. Muscolino: Thanks to your incredible teaching resources, I credit you for inspiring me to properly learn the wonders of the body anatomy and function.”

– Darlene H., registered shiatsu therapist


“Dr. Muscolino: I want to thank you for your outstanding book “The Muscular System Manual”. I participate in ultra masters bodybuilding for men between 60 and 69 years of age. I purchased the third edition of your book. I must say that your book has been a great aid in my weight training. Learning the attachments and the actions of muscles has added new dimensions to my workouts. I can perform the proper muscle movements during an exercise and visualize the muscles being trained.”

– Jerry B.


“Dr. Muscolino: I am a huge fan of your work. I’m a yoga teacher in Boston and also currently studying structural integration with Tom Myers. Your Muscular System Manual and Muscle and Bone Palpation Manual have been invaluable in my studies, far more comprehensive, precise and useful than any other references I’ve found for learning regional anatomy. Thank you! A colleague of mine raves about a cadaver lab he did with you; I hope to someday attend a workshop of yours.

– Ali M., Yoga Instructor


“Dr. Muscolino: I just finished your Kinesiology book – it was a Christmas gift a year ago. I was not able to start reading it until this past Fall (I did keep it on my desk the whole time, so I would not forget it!), but once I started it, I could not put it down! I have a whole library of biomechanics, kinesiology and exercise physiology books – your book is the best I have yet to read!! The way you structured the information made it so easy to read and absorb the information. Awesome! I plan to put your other books on my birthday list! ”

– Tim R., Personal Trainer


A 5-star Review on Amazon.com for book Kinesiology: The Skeletal System and Muscle Function:

Joe has done it again!

Joseph Muscolino has written a text which takes the Kinesiological depth of experts like Neumann and Oatis and has brought the necessary concepts into a practical focus for massage therapists, as well as other allied health professionals. Rather than write from the vantage point of a lecturer’s podium, Joe has taken the inquisitiveness of students and woven a text which answers their questions before they are asked. Our school, The Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, strives to make the sciences more accessible to students while maintaining a high level of academic excellence. Joe has gifted our school and the profession with a visual and scholarly delight which fulfills that quest. When considering the melding of thoroughness and user friendliness, in some respect, he could have subtitled the text “Everything You Wanted To Know About Kinesiology But Were Afraid To Ask”. For the student, concepts which appear to be confusing and out of reach come into razor sharp focus. For the licensed practitioner, the illustrations and explanations support the science behind the art and offer illustrations which provide clarity in discussions with clients. For teachers, the publisher’s Evolve ancillaries offer images from the text as well as other thoughtfully considered classroom tools which complement this fine work. As Chair of the Health Sciences Department, I heartily recommend this text to anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge base in a practical, lucid manner.

-Matthew M. Schrier

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“I purchased your book on Palpation. Everything about it is great!!! The price, all the info it is crammed full of, the presentation… it is a gem. I wish this had been one of my textbooks in massage school. As it is now, I look at it everyday. It goes back and forth between the office and home with me. I never know when the need to look something up in it will strike me. The stretches are a wonderful plus. I looked up all the muscles that are tight and troublesome on me and learned the stretches. Thank you again for putting such an amazing book out there for those of us craving to learn more.”

-Maureen G., LMT


“I received a copy of your latest book, “The Muscle and Bone Palpation Manual with Trigger Points, Referral Patterns and Stretching”, as I currently own a number of your books I was probably fooling myself when I expected it to be more along the lines of Jarmey’s, “The Concise Book of Muscles”, which is more of a Readers digest guide to muscles. True to form you do not disappoint, I cannot for the life of me understand when you have time to compile/author such comprehensive books. Don’t misunderstand me, I am very happy with this book, but I made the mistake of assuming that I would be able to read it cover to cover over the school break……..Oh no, this will take me a few months to absorb. Thank you for such comprehensive, thought provoking publications!”

-Marc D., Student


A 5-star Review on Amazon.com for The Muscle and Bone Palpation Manual:

a superior text… mult-purposeful… accurate… beautiful, OM massage/bodywork students, professionals and teachers having used the old standard (TGB) to teach kinesiology, anatomy, pathology, deep tissue massage and neuromuscular therapy for years at multiple massage schools, i have been impatiently waiting for an affordable alternative. while this book lacks kinesiology fundamentals (planes, movements, etc.), it is vastly superior for learning muscles and how to specifically palapate muscles and bony landmarks. moreover, it includes theory (based on current research) on trigger points, trigger point locations, the pain referral patterns, initiating and perpetuating factors and a variety of other insightful comments on specific muscle… read more…

-J. Sims, LMT


“To: Dr. Muscolino: I am taking an anatomy class and I just could not learn the muscles because I couldn’t figure out their origin and insertion bones. I found your Musculoskeletal Anatomy Coloring Book at Borders Bookstoretoday. I went home and made my own flash cards drawing pictures, etc. When my husband came home, I was able to explain about 30 muscles to him using a skeleton that I have. He is a physician and he did not know all the bone attachments that I had figured out using your book. Your book is just terrific. Thank you so much for writing it. I haven’t found anything like it to help learn muscle. Many anatomy books have tables where the origin and insertions are given, but it is so much better to look at your drawings.”

– Fiona G., Ph. D.


A 5-star Review on Amazon.com for Musculoskeletal Anatomy Coloring Book:

Superb learning tool for anatomy students,

In addition to presenting multi-dimensional information from “need-to-know” to “nice-to-know”, this book combines visual and kinesthetic, through coloring, learning styles. It is well organized and is the perfect companion to Dr. Muscolino’s textbook, “The Muscular System Manual”. This is an important point as a previous learning experience with Kapit’s, “The Anatomy Coloring Book” was a pleasant enough, yet left me feeling as if I had barely scratched the surface, his information falling short of sating my curiosity. Dr. Muscolino’s texts provide the reader/user with plenty of data. The bones, bony landmarks, muscles, their actions and attachments are labeled clearly in perspectives that are described explicitly. Do not look for attachments to carry “origin” and “insertion” labels as some schools still may require, as this coloring guide subscribes to the expectations of the national certification exam which does not make those designations. Be certain to read the “Introduction”: Part 1 guides the user briefly through body systems, and Part 2 (“Learning How Muscles Function”) lays down axioms and corollaries of muscular structure and function. Then pick up your Venus Coloring Pencils, find your sharpener, let your inner artist out to play and learn!


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A 5-star Review on Amazon.com for The Muscular System Manual: The Skeletal Muscles of the Human Body:

Excellent Resource for Musculoskeletal Information

This book is comprehensive in nature, scrupulous in detail, and the product of an obvious passion for the wealth of information to be found in our musculoskeletal system. As a massage therapist and perpetual student of the human body, I am glad to add this book to my library. It is well organized which makes it easy to reference whether I know the muscle, the bony landmark, or the general anatomical area of the body. Having so much information about an individual muscle in one book makes it easy to enhance or refresh my existing knowledge. I have opened the book just to refresh my knowledge of what an individual muscle looks like and found the illustrations clear. I have used the cross reference to find other muscles that might be adding to an existing muscular problem in a client. I have refreshed my awareness of an individual muscle by using the easy to follow palpation information. And I have added to my knowledge of individual muscle actions when helping a client isolate a muscle’s tightness. Every time I have opened the book I have not been overwhelmed by what I do not know but rather come away feeling smarter.

-M. Y. Schuster

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A 5-star Review on Amazon.com for Flashcards for Bones, Joints and Actions of the Human Body:

Awesome study/quizzing tool

I use these little jewels all the time as I’m commuting on the train or waiting for someone at lunch or a coffee shop..even alongside all my lecture notes. If I don’t want to pull out my heavy textbook, this is PERFECT for quickly quizzing and reviewing. I’ve learned the bones and joints so much more thoroughly and efficiently because of these flashcards. Even if you only have 5-10 minutes of “free” time, you can learn something from simply scanning over these cards.

-M. Gingrich


A 5-star Review on Amazon.com for Musculoskeletal Anatomy Flashcards:

Great study/reference tool

This is an excellent companion to Joe Muscolino’s anatomy muscle book. Each card contains a quick reference on the attachments, actions and ennervation for each muscle. If you learn with repetition and memorization from flash cards, this is great. It’s also useful when you just need a few muscles and don’t want to haul the whole book around.


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They are simply the best anatomical/Trigger point posters we have ever seen- you did such a great job putting them together! We are always hearing compliments from patients and other visiting practitioners! ?
– Helene S., Massage Therapist, OR