Musculoskeletal Anatomy Flashcards, 2nd Edition

flashcards-anatomyMusculoskeletal Anatomy Flashcards are an excellent study tool for students who want to learn the skeletal muscles of the human body.

This set includes 250 full-color cards covering 189 muscles.

The drawings, terminology, and page references match with those in Joe Muscolino’s popular text, the 3rd edition of the Muscular System Manual and the 2nd edition of the Musculoskeletal Anatomy Coloring Book.

Flashcards are an excellent and proven way to study and learn the skeletal muscles of the body.

For individual muscle cards, the front of each card shows a full-color illustration of the muscle showing its placement on the skeleton, with arrows indicating the muscle’s line of pull.

The back of each individual muscle card shows:

• Name of muscle
• Muscle attachments
• Muscle actions
• Muscle innervation
• Pronunciation

For muscle group cards, each card shows the group of muscles on the front, with lead lines pointing to muscles and other landmarks. The back of the muscle group card shows the names of all muscles and landmarks.

New to the 2nd edition: Muscles of the pelvic floor!

NOTE: This set of flashcards is no longer in print edition for sale. It comes for FREE in digital format with the purchase of any of the new Muscolino Elsevier titles as part of the Digital Resources! 


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