Joe Muscolino

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Intertransversarii. The levatores costarum have been ghosted in.

The Intertransversarii are a group of intrinsic paired-muscles of the spine located between transverse processes, primarily in the cervical and lumbar regions.



  • Spinous processes of C1 to T2.
  • Spinous processes of T10 to L5.



  • Laterally flexes the neck and lower trunk at the spinal joints.



  1. The intertransversarii are primarily located in the cervical and lumbar regions. They typically extend down to T2 from the cervical spine, and up to T10 from the lumbar region.
  2. There is a pair of intertransversarii muscles on each side in the cervical and lumbar regions (anterior and posterior set in the cervical region and medial and lateral set in the lumbar region).
  3. The intertransversarii between C1 and C2 are often absent.
  4. Some sources believe that the intertransverarii are more important for proprioception than for actual movement.