Longus Capitis

Joe Muscolino

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The longus capitis (of the prevertebral group) is drawn on the right side. The longus colli (also of the prevertebral group) is ghosted in on the left.

The Longus Capitis is a member of the Prevertebral Group, which is composed of the:

  • Longus colli
  • Longus capitis
  • Rectus capitis anterior
  • Rectus capitis lateralis



  • The longus capitis attaches from cervical spine to the occiput.
    • The inferior attachments are onto C3-C5 (transverse processes).



  • Flexes the neck and head at the spinal joints.
  • Laterally flexes the neck and head at the spinal joints.


NOTE: The longus capitis and longus colli are often injured during whiplash accidents.