Middle Scalene

Joe Muscolino

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The middle scalene of the scalene group.

The Middle Scalene is a member of the Scalene Group, which is composed of the:

  • Anterior scalene
  • Middle scalene
  • Posterior scalene



  • The middle scalene attaches from the transverse processes of the cervical spine to the first rib.
    • The superior attachments are onto the posterior tubercles of the transverse processes of C2-C7.



  • Flexes the neck at the spinal joints.
  • Laterally flexes the neck at the spinal joints.
  • Elevates the first rib at the sternocostal and costospinal joints.



  1. A middle scalene is the largest of the three members of the scalene group.
  2. Although anterior scalene syndrome (a version of thoracic outlet syndrome) is named for the anterior scalene, a tight middle scalene can also contribute to this condition.