Teaching & Mentoring

Dr. Joe Muscolino is now offering online Zoom sessions for personal one-on-one teaching/mentoring.

If you would like to study with Dr. Joe to better learn anatomy/physiology/kinesiology (APK), and/or manual and movement therapy hands-on assessment and treatment skillsets, you can now do so.

Dr. Joe teaches:
- Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology
- Musculoskeletal pathology
Hands-on assessment and treatment techniques for manual and movement therapy:
- Muscle and bone palpation
- Length assessment
- Orthopedic assessment
- Body mechanics
- Massage
- Stretching

- Joint mobilization/manipulation

Dr. Joe has been teaching musculoskeletal (myofascial) APK and manual and therapy skillsets for more than 30 years.
He has extensive experience with both core curriculum and continuing education.
Click here for Dr. Joe’s CV.
He teaches on five continents to massage therapists, Pilates and yoga instructors, fitness trainers, physical therapists (physiotherapists), chiropractic physicians, and academic instructors.

To begin studying, click on the dropdown menu to pay, and then contact Dr. Joe directly at [email protected] to set up the days and times for the Zoom sessions.

mentoring sessions

All payments for teaching/mentoring sessions are non-refundable. You may find a person to take your place with written permission from Dr. Joe Muscolino.