Bone and Joint Anatomy Master Class

US$39.00 / year and a US$210.00 sign-up fee

BAJAMC is $39/year (automatic renewal) and a one time sign-up fee of $210 for a total of $249.00 for your first year . You can cancel anytime.
The one-time sign-up fee also gives you exclusive membership access to a private LinkedIn chatroom with Dr. Joe Muscolino.

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Simple · Clear · Thorough · Thoughtful
For the best in online anatomy education… we teach critical thinking, empowering your assessment and treatment skills.

If you have been frustrated trying to find quality online anatomy education, has the program for you.

WHY Bone and Joint Anatomy Master Class (BAJAMC)?

  • You will have easy access to all BAJAMC streaming content anywhere, any time, on any device.
  • Watch… pause and watch again… You can study and learn at your own pace.
  • English closed-captioning  subtitles are being created for improved learning.
    • Each lesson is clear, engaging, and promotes critical thinking.
    • As a student, BAJAMC is the perfect companion to enhance your classroom learning.
    • As a professional, BAJAMC will deepen your knowledge, empowering you with your hands-on/movement skillsets.
    • Exclusive membership access to a private LinkedIn chatroom with Dr. Joe Muscolino.
    • BAJAMC now includes Visceral Anatomy Master Class! A $119 value!

     BAJAMC is the most comprehensive online class on human bones and joints in the world.

    BAJAMC is an extremely thorough course that teaches bones, bony landmarks, and joint structure and function.
    It comprises more than 70 hours of video-lesson education.

    All lessons are taught by internationally-renowned author and instructor, Dr. Joe Muscolino.
    BAJAMC is divided into 4 modules:
    Upper Extremity Region
    Lower Extremity Region
    Axial Body Region
    Lecture Presentations

    Samples of video lessons:

    Bone Drawn Anatomy

    Skeletal Bones

    Bone Lecture

    Joint Function


    Just so you know…
    What is my commitment to BAJAMC?
    You sign up for one year, you are committed for one year from the day that you sign up.
    You can cancel your subscription at any time. The subscription will stay active until the end of your commitment year (and no “prorated” refund will be due for any remaining time on your account).
    BAJAMC automatically renews at the end of your commitment time. Once it renews, you are committed for the renewal period.
    Bone and Joint Anatomy Master Class (BAJAMC) and all its content are wholly owned by the Art and Science of Kinesiology LLC

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