Deep Tissue Massage Workshops

8aThe focus of these workshops is to learn how to work deeply with less effort so that you do not hurt yourself; in effect, how to work smarter instead of harder!

Deeper pressure can be obtained simply by learning a few basic guidelines of proper technique that Dr. Joe Muscolino will show you. An invaluable workshop for anyone who does sports, clinical, and/or rehab. work!

This is a hands-on workshop that is usually three-six hours in length, with a maximum of 14 participants admitted so that one-on-one time can be given to everyone!

MTJ-fig-6c-low-resContact hours of continuing education through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) are given to massage therapists and bodyworkers.

Note: If you have a group and you would like to have a deep tissue massage workshop done specifically for your group, workshops of different lengths and focuses can be created to meet the needs of your group. Please click the “Contact” button above and leave an email regarding what you would like.