In-Services for Instructors

1Dr. Joe Muscolino runs numerous in-service workshops across the country for instructors in the world of massage, bodywork, movement therapies, and athletic training.

These workshops focus on how your instructors can learn to teach musculoskeletal anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology with the emphasis on understanding instead of memorizing; in other words, teaching from a ‘big-picture’ point of view.

Workshops are also offered to yoga, Pilates, and Feldenkrais instructors, and personal and athletic trainers. These workshops explore the basis for their bodywork, movement, and training methods, increasing the depth of their understanding so they can both better apply what they do with their clients/patients, as well as learn how to better explain what they do to their clients/patients.

Joe changed my world! I have never had an emotional response in a “CE” class or workshop & I almost cried in class because he found a way to make me see that I have all the tools; I have just been using them the wrong way, which is why it always seems so hard & to be so much work! I believe this is the 1st big ah-ha! moment I have had in my career path. Thank you very much.Maj-Lis - Massage Therapy Instructor

Methods of teaching with all three approaches, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic, are explored.

Contact hours of continuing education through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) are given to massage therapists and bodyworkers.

If you would like a kinesiology workshop for your instructors that covers any and every aspect of teaching the musculoskeletal system of the body, contact Joe Muscolino so that a workshop can be tailored to your faculty. You can contact him by clicking the contact button above; or you may contact him by phone at (203) 928-3323.


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