Lumbricals Pedis

Joe Muscolino

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The four muscles of the lumbricals pedis group of the foot. They attach from the distal tendon of flexor digitorum longus and go to toes #2-5.

The Lumbricals Pedis are intrinsic muscles of the foot located in Plantar Layer II. The muscles located in Plantar Layer II are:


There are four Lumbricals Pedis muscles, named #1, #2, #3, and #4, from medial (big toe side) to lateral (little toe side).



  • Distal tendons of flexor digitorum longus to the dorsal digital expansion.
    • The lumbricals pedis attach into the tendons of extensor digitorum longus merging into the dorsal digital expansion of toes #2-5.
    • Each lumbrical pedis attaches into the medial side of its respective toe.




NOTE: Lumbricals pedis can also abduct/adduct toes #2-5. They do tibial abduction of the second toe, and adduction of toes #3-5.