Tibialis Anterior

Joe Muscolino

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The tibialis anterior of the anterior compartment of the (lower) leg.

The Tibialis Anterior is located in the Anterior Compartment of the (lower) leg. The muscles in the anterior compartment are:



  • Anterior tibia to the first cuneiform and first metatarsal.
    • The tibialis anterior attaches proximally onto the lateral tibial condyle and the proximal 2/3 of the anterior tibia and proximal 2/3 of the interosseus membrane.



  • Dorsiflexes the foot at the ankle joint.
  • Inverts (Supinates) the foot at the subtalar joint.



  1. The tibialis anterior is the muscle principally involved with a condition known as anterior shin splints.
  2. The tibialis anterior and fibularis longus are named together as the stirrup muscles because they both attach onto the first cuneiform and first metatarsal and support the foot like a stirrup.
  3. Inversion is the principal cardinal-plane (frontal-plane) component of the oblique-plane motion pattern of supination.