Healing With Yoga


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This video is designed to allow anyone to practice yoga, either by simply focusing on key parts of the body, or by doing a full-body practice from start to finish. Additionally, viewers can learn about each part of the body they are interested in, including the location and function of each muscle group, how to palpate it, and how to stretch and strengthen it.

The practice of yoga can be beneficial for anyone looking to increase flexibility and range of motion, cultivate strength, develop healthy postural and movement patterns, and increase a sense of well-being and mindfulness, among myriad other benefits.

This DVD set is a must for yoga instructors and practitioners, massage therapists, structural integration practitioners, athletic trainers, physical and occupational therapists, chiropractic and osteopathic physicians. Any yoga practitioner or professional, from beginner to advanced, who wants to learn the connection between the anatomy of the human body and how the body moves through yoga poses will find this DVD worthwhile.

Jeanine and Joe teach and explain these techniques simply, clearly, and thoroughly!