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Why do I need to sign up as an affiliate on
This is how we track your sales. You can also keep track of your sales in your account to see if your clients have signed up using your affiliate link.

How do I create an affiliate link to send to potential clients?
You'll use the code generator on the main affiliate page HERE. Just paste in any URL and click on "Generate URL". This will add your unique affiliate code to the link. 
You may also add it manually if you prefer. Simply add /?ref=xx (xx = your unique number found on the main affiliate page) at the end of any URL.
**Adding your unique affiliate code is VERY IMPORTANT to ensure you get paid for all clients that you have referred to subscribe to our content.**

When will I get paid?
Payments will be tabulated on the first Monday of every month and sent within 48 hours to your Paypal account.

Is Paypal the only way to get paid?
Yes. Our accounting system only works with Paypal for the moment.


Who is Dr. Joseph Muscolino?
- I am a Chiropractic physician. I like to describe myself as a myofascially soft-tissue oriented chiropractor (to distinguish myself from chiropractors that are more joint-manipulation focused).

How long have you been in practice now?
- 36 years

How long have you been an internationally-renowned Author?
- textbooks: 20 years (8 textbooks, 3 sets of Flashcards - with Elsevier and Lippincott Williams Wilkins). Translated in 9 languages.
- articles: between 20-25 years
- manual therapy curriculum: 35 years.

How long have you been an international speaker/teacher?
- 10-15 years. I have taught on five continents in over 20 foreign countries

What makes your teaching style unique?
- My teaching is strongly oriented toward critical thinking.
- I am one of the few people in the world of manual and movement therapies that marries together the underlying fundamental anatomy of physiology with the hands-on practice of assessment and treatment skillsets

Who is Yanik Chauvin?
- I'm the CTO of I manage all technological and audiovisual tasks, content, and issues.
- I have a Masters degree in Sports Management, worked for the Canadian Olympic Association, and was the director of a nationally-renowned massage therapy school.
- I have 10 years teaching experience in the health field.
- I'm a professional photographer and videographer.
- I've been working with Dr. Joe for over 15 years.


When did MAMC launch?
- We began creating it in 2019.
- It went live in late 2020 (it was released one Module at a time - there are 12 Modules total)

What are the four Master Classes you’ll ultimately be launching?
- Muscle Anatomy Master Class (MAMC) - fully released
- Bone Anatomy Master Class (BAMC) - anticipated release: Fall of 2021
- Joint Anatomy Master Class (JAMC) - anticipated release: Summer of 2021
- Kinesiology Master Class (KMC) - anticipated release: Summer of 2021

What inspired you to create the Master Class series? 
- We have been building up a tremendous library of video lessons in Learn Muscles Continuing Education (LMCE, which has been available for nearly 5 years now) and we have had requests for a more-structured “course” on muscle anatomy, so we decided to create MAMC (as well as BAMC, JAMC, and KMC). Versus a panoply of lessons in LMCE where the subscriber has no specific direction, MAMC guides the person by having a consistent set of video lessons for each muscle.

How does a student track their progress and show proficiency? 
- For institutions that subscribe for their students, the university would use the test bank that we provide to them to create and administer their tests.

What distinguishes MAMC as a learning tool? 
- We feel that MAMC is likely the most thorough course on muscle anatomy and physiology (attachments and actions/functions) that exists… We created it because we feel that having a course where an instructor truly teaches the content is needed, in comparison to reading books and watching disparate videos online. MAMC could be used in place of a course, or it could be used as an adjunct to a course that has an instructor.
- MAMC is in the midst of being subtitled in English (CC - closed captioning). English subtitling will be done by the end of the year.
- MAMC is in the midst of being translated into multiple foreign languages (this project will proceed over the coming few years).

What distinguishes the actual content of MAMC? 
- We believe that there is a real dearth of muscle anatomy/physiology instruction that teaches the biomechanics through true critical thought that teaches from a conceptual model instead of a model of memorization. It is disconcerting how few professionals in the world of manual and movement therapy, and the larger health field, actually understand how to think through muscle function… And this leads to an inability to creatively think through assessment and treatment skillsets in their profession.
- We believe that if one learns the anatomy (structure), then physiology (function) can be figured out. With knowledge of physiology, then pathophysiology (pathomechanics) can be figured out. With an understanding of pathophysiology, assessment can be reasoned out. And with an accurate assessment, treatment can be creatively applied to help the client/patient.
- We like to describe it as “critical thinking for creative application of skillsets”
- And my content simplifies the content without dumbing it down.
- It teaches from fundamentals, that allows a seamless and easy progression of knowledge from beginner to intermediate to advanced.

How is the content of MAMC laid out? 
- MAMC is divided into 3 Regions: Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity and Axial Body.
- Each Region is divided into 4 modules.
     - Upper Extremity: Shoulder Girdle, Arm, Forearm and Hand
     - Lower Extremity: Pelvic Girdle, Thigh, Leg and Foot
     - Axial Body: Head, Neck, Chest & Abdomen and Back

- As a general rule, each muscle is covered with 5 video lessons: 
     - Animated Arrows
     - Cadaveric Anatomy
     - Muscle Actions
     - Palpation
     - Stretching

What other anatomy video lessons are out there in the market? 
- We do not know of any other structured courses, and we believe the key descriptor is “structured”. There are disparate textbooks, anatomy DVDs (including cadaver videos, which are hard to come by - and we have a full set of...), CE courses, lots of apps that allow you to see the muscles, including in 3D, but these are all disparate; some of them are helpful and cool, but they are more resources and not actual "teaching courses". So, the two keys are “teaching” and “thorough instruction”… If someone wants to learn the totality of muscle anatomy and function, as well as palpation assessment and stretching treatment, there is nothing that puts all this together like MAMC.

 What are the 5 benefits in priority order for why a teacher or curriculum developer or school would want to supplement their courses with your Anatomy Master Classes?
- Critical thinking, simplified muscle function taught from biomechanical concepts (without dumbing it down)
- Actual instruction from an experienced instructor
- Marrying together the fundamental science (anatomy and physiology) with hands-on assessment and treatment skillsets (these hands-on and movement skillsets would be extremely valuable to manual and movement therapy programs, such as massage therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, Pilates, yoga, and fitness training)
- Consistency of course layout and thoroughness of the content
- Value for the price with approximately 1,000 video lessons


What are the subscription fees for MAMC? 
- See the price structure here:
- Once additional Master Classes are released, we will determine pricing if a school wants to subscribe to multiple Master Classes, for example, what the discount will be if a school wants to subscribe to BAMC in addition to MAMC.

For pricing, how is the number of students determined?
The number of students is determined by the maximum number of students that would be accessing MAMC at any point during the year.

How long does the license last?
- It's a 1-year auto-renewable license. 3- or 5-year licenses will be available soon.

Do schools need to sign a licensing contract? 
- No. Instead, when purchasing they automatically agree to our Terms & Services

How do institutions sign up?
- Give them your affiliate link to the purchase/info page HERE.
- They choose their yearly license based on the yearly amount of students they have. 
- The license is renewed automatically every year unless canceled (an email will go out to them approximately two months before the expiration of the year). If canceled, access will continue until the end of the paid year.
- Payment is by Paypal or Credit Card.

What happens after their purchase?
- They'll receive an automated email with the direct link to the MAMC Website as well as the current password to give out to their students and staff.
- It's the same Website and Password for all students and staff. No sign-up required on their part.

Does the password change?
- Yes. It changes each semester.  The 1st week of: January - June - September.
- The new password with be sent to the email on the purchase account.