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20 Memory Tips to Improve Your Learning

memory and learningThe following is a blog post article contributed to us from Daisy May Hartwell. In this blog post article, Daisy discusses 20 simple and straight-forward tips that we can employ to improve our memory and improve our learning! These tips are excellent for students of any topic. And these tips are excellent for teachers and mentors to pass along to their students. Learning is a life-long process. After all, we are all students of life!

Comment by Joseph Muscolino

Learning is an active and creative process that involves not only memory, but also thinking and understanding. The best learning is the learning that involves critical thinking. Critical thinking empowers us to apply the information and skill sets that we have learned. This then allows us to not only memorize and apply what we have learned, but to also be able to create new knowledge… in effect, to become artists of the mind!

But our learning process starts with small steps, and how we structure the environment of learning can be just as important as what we do once we sit down to to study and learn. Daisy’s tips are great ways to organize how we study and learn!

This blog post was contributed by Daisy May Hartwell.

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