Auricularis Group

Joe Muscolino

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The auricularis anterior, superior, and posterior on the right side of the body.

The muscles or the Auricularis Group are located in the scalp. The muscles of the scalp are:



Auricularis Superior:

  • Galea aponeurotica to the superior ear.

Auricularis Anterior:

  • Galea aponeurotica to the anterior ear.

Auricularis Posterior:

  • Temporal bone to the posterior ear.


  • Elevates the ear (auricularis superior).
  • Draws anteriorly the ear (auricularis anterior).
  • Draws posteriorly the ear (auricularis posterior).



  1. The auricularis muscles are nonfunctional in many people.
  2. The auricularis muscles are extremely functional in many animals, e.g., dogs.
  3. The temporoparietalis can also elevate the ear.