Joe Muscolino

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The occipitofrontalis is composed of the frontalis and occipitalis muscles, connected by the Galea aponeurotica. Note: the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles have been ghosted in.

The Occipitofrontalis is a muscle of scalp. It is also a muscle of facial expression.

The muscles of the scalp are:


The Occipitofrontalis is actually two separate muscles: Occipitalis and Frontalis. They are connected to each other by the Galea Aponeurotica.



  • Occipital and temporal bones to the Galea aponeurotica to the fascia/skin of the forehead.



  • Draws posteriorly the scalp.
  • Elevates the eyebrow.



  1. The occipitofrontalis and temporoparietalis together are known as the epicranius.
  2. Contraction of the occipitofrontalis creates the fascia expression of surprise, shock, or horror.
  3. The occipitofrontalis is often involved in tension headaches.