Inferior Gemellus

Joe Muscolino

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The inferior gemellus of the deep lateral rotator group. The superior gemellus has been ghosted in.

The Inferior Gemellus is a member of the Deep Lateral Rotator Group (also known as the Deep 6), composed of the following six muscles (from superior to inferior):



  • The inferior gemellus attaches from the pelvic bone to the greater trochanter of the femur.
    • The proximal/medial attachment is onto the superior aspect of the ischial tuberosity.



  • Laterally rotates the thigh at the hip joint.
  • Horizontally abducts the thigh at the hip joint.
  • Contralaterally rotates the pelvis at the hip joint.


NOTE: The distal tendon of the inferior gemellus usually blends with the distal tendons of the superior gemellus and obturator internus.