Joe Muscolino

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Spinalis of the erector spinae group. The longissimus and iliocostalis have been ghosted in.

The Spinalis is a member of the Erector Spinae (Paraspinal*) group, composed of:

*The term paraspinal usually denotes the muscles of the erector spinae group as well as the muscles of the transversospinalis group.


The Spinalis is usually described as having three parts: Spinalis Thoracis, Spinalis Cervicis, and Spinalis Capitis. However, usually only the thoracic portion is developed and able to be located in a cadaver.



  • Thoracis: Spinous processes of T11-L2 to the spinous processes of T4-T8.
  • Cervicis: Spinous process of C7 to the spinous process of C2.
  • Capitis: The spinalis capitis usually blends into and considered to be part of the semispinalis capitis of the transversospinalis group.





  1. The spinalis is, by far, the smallest of the three subgroups of the erector spinae group.
  2. The spinalis cervicis and capitis are usually absent.