Joe Muscolino

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Anterior and right lateral views of the stylohyoid of the suprahyoid group. In the anterior view, the digastric (also of the suprahyoid group) has been ghosted in on the left side.

The Stylohyoid is a member of the Suprahyoid Group, which is composed of the:

  • Digastric
  • Mylohyoid
  • Geniohyoid
  • Stylohyoid



  • The stylohyoid attaches from the styloid process of the temporal bone to the hyoid bone.



  • Elevates the hyoid bone.
  • Extends the head at the atlanto-occipital joint.


NOTE: The stylohyoid is the only member of the suprahyoid group (and the entire hyoid group) that does not have a line of pull (direct or indirect) upon the mandible.