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For the best in online anatomy education... we teach critical thinking, empowering your assessment and treatment skills.

If you have been frustrated trying to find quality online muscle anatomy education, MAMC is for you!

Muscle Anatomy Master Class (MAMC) Continuing Education.

Muscle Anatomy Master Class
Excellence in Anatomy Education

  • You will have easy access to all MAMC streaming content anywhere, any time, on any device.
  • Watch... pause and watch again... You can study and learn at your own pace.
  • Each lesson is clear, engaging, and promotes critical thinking.
  • As a student, MAMC is the perfect companion to enhance your classroom learning.
  • As a professional, MAMC will deepen your knowledge, empowering you with your hands-on/movement skillsets.
  • English closed captioning and foreign language subtitles are being created for improved learning.

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Muscle Anatomy Master Class (MAMC):

  • The most comprehensive and detailed muscle anatomy online video class in the world!
  • All lessons are taught by internationally-renowned author and instructor, Dr. Joe Muscolino.
  • Click HERE to view all the muscles covered in MAMC.
  • The Full MAMC course come with 40 hours of bonus video lecture presentations on muscle structure and function (with PDF slides).
  • The Full MAMC course is divided into 3 Regions. Each Region is divided into 4 Modules.
  • Pricing:
    • Each Module: $39 for the first year; renews at only $6 each successive year.
    • Each Region: $129 for the first year; renews at only $19 each successive year.
    • Full Course: $329 for the first year; renews at only $49 each successive year.

Bone and Joint Anatomy Master Class (BAJAMC)  & Kinesiology Master Class (KMC) coming soon!

lessons per muscle!

Watch 5 sample lessons:

Drawn Anatomy


Muscle Actions



"The MAMC modules and the detail in each video is fantastic! I am blown away."
Joan R., LMT, CLT, E-RYT500, Pennsylvania, US

"This new course is brilliant...timing very good as I am home bound like 1/3 of Earth's population. I call this lockdown situation as my sabbatical and can now properly study."
John A., Massage Therapist Edinburgh, Scotland

"Your advanced class is everything I ever wanted in a Muscle Anatomy Class....and so much more! It is the best educational course I could have ever purchased toward my career in Massage & Bodywork. After 13 years as a LMBT, I am pleased with how this course is translating in my practice. I am able to address the body in a more specific way, leaving me in gratitude for how I am evolving in my work."
Tara M., LMBT, North Carolina

Purchase the Full MAMC Course!
(With 40 hours of bonus video lecture presentations)

66 CE Hours


Purchase individual REGIONS

Upper Extremity

18 CE Hours


Lower Extremity

24.5 CE Hours


Axial Body

23.5 CE Hours


LearnMuscles.com offers you excellence in online streaming anatomy education, brought into your home, office, or local coffee house.

In this day and age, you need an online education option. 

LearnMuscles.com will help you to be more successful.
…helping more people, you will have more client/patient referrals. You and your practice will thrive! 

Quite simply, MAMC is Excellence in Online Muscle Anatomy Education. 

If you're only looking to learn muscle attachments, then you will be interested in our
Animated Illustrations of Muscles course.

These bite-sized video lessons demonstrate muscle attachments in a clear and concise manner. Animated arrows are used to demonstrate the attachments and course of each muscle.
All 178 muscles of MAMC are covered.


Master Classes for Core Curriculum
All three of our Master Classes are rooted in the fundamentals of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology (study of biomechanics and motion), and are designed for anyone and everyone who needs to learn musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology (kinesiology)… 
LearnMuscles.com is especially designed for manual therapists and movement professionals. 
By marrying together fundamental concepts of anatomy and physiology with hands-on assessment and treatment techniques, you will be empowered to creatively apply your manual and movement therapy skillsets. 
All video lessons are taught by author and global educator, Dr. Joe Muscolino.
Whether you are first learning anatomy, or you want to return to deepen your knowledge and skillsets, our Master Classes are for you.
Quite simply, LearnMuscles.com is Excellence in Online Core Curriculum Anatomy Education. 

Continuing Education
And for continuing education, LMCE contains more than 2,500 video lessons, incorporating core concepts of anatomy with assessment and treatment manual and movement therapy skillsets. 
LMCE is primarily geared toward manual therapists such as massage therapists, physical/physio occupational therapists, and chiropractic/osteopathic physicians, as well as movement professionals such as Pilates and yoga instructors and fitness trainers. 
Quite simply, LMCE is Excellence in Online Anatomy Continuing Education.