tight neck extensor musculature can cause tension headaches

Tension Headaches

A tension headache is caused by excessive pulling force of tight muscles in the back of the neck that exert tension on their attachments on the head.

extension mobilization stretch for the thoracic spine on an exercise ball

The Thoracic Spine… The Silent Saboteur

There is an old saying that no posture is bad unless you get stuck in it. The problem is that the thoracic spine often does get stuck in bad posture.

Muscle Spasming of the Neck CE Home-Study Course (2.5 CE Hours)

Joe Muscolino CE Courses

Introduction Muscle spasming of the neck is likely the most common musculoskeletal complaint that exists. Indeed it is rare to find a client/patient whose neck is not tight. The musculature of the neck (cervical spine) can be divided into anterior …

Upper Crossed Syndrome CE Home-Study Course (1 CE Hour)

Joe Muscolino CE Courses

Introduction Upper crossed syndrome describes the characteristic pattern of dysfunctional tone of the musculature of the shoulder girdle/cervicothoracic region of the body. This condition is given its name because an “X,” in other words a cross, can be drawn across …