Muscle Anatomy Master Class (MAMC)



It can be very challenging for students to learn the muscles of the body. There are SO many attachments and actions to learn. Unfortunately, this is often done by rote memorization instead of true understanding. While rote memorization might succeed in helping you pass a test, it does not help you as a manual therapist or movement professional when it comes time to apply knowledge of the muscle / myofascial system with clients. What is needed is true understanding, because true understanding empowers you to critical think, and from there, creatively apply your manual or movement therapy technique.

This is true for all manual therapists: massage therapists, physical therapists (physiotherapists), physical therapy assistants, occupational therapists, and stretch therapists. And, it is true for movement professionals, including Pilates and yoga teachers, fitness trainers (personal trainers), Zumba, and Gyrotonics instructors.

I have created an online video streaming class for learning the muscles of the body. It is called: Muscle Anatomy Master Class (MAMC):

  • All lessons are taught by me (click HERE to learn more about me).
  • Each muscle is featured and taught with 5 distinct video lessons. Here’s an example with the Pectoralis major:
  1. Drawn anatomy figure with animated arrows and voice over, clearly explaining the attachments of the muscle.
  2. A cadaver video that shows and explains the muscle and its attachments, as well as its relationship to surrounding myofascial tissues.
  3. A video with a live person, moving and demonstrating not only the standard, open-chain joint actions, but also the reverse, closed-chain joint actions, and the oblique plane motion patterns of the muscle!
  4. A palpation video that not only shows how to palpate the muscle but explains in critical reasoning steps how to definitely palpate and discern the muscle from surrounding musculature.
  5. A stretching video that shows how to optimally stretch the muscle. Each video is tailored specifically for that muscle, so that it is preferentially stretched compared to the other muscles in the same functional groups.
  • Muscle Anatomy Master Class is the most comprehensive and detailed muscle anatomy online video class in the world!
  • And Muscle Anatomy Master Class is taught in a clear, simple, and straight-forward manner that is easy for anyone to follow and learn from.
  • And Muscle Anatomy Master Class grants NCBTMB and NYS CE Hours for licensed massage therapists!

Click HERE to learn more about Muscle Anatomy Master Class (MAMC).

Muscle Anatomy Master Class (MAMC) is divided into 3 Regions:

  • Upper Extremity
  • Lower Extremity
  • Axial Body

And each Region is divided into 4 Modules:

  • Upper Extremity:
    • Shoulder Girdle
    • Arm
    • Forearm
    • Hand
  • Lower Extremity:
    • Pelvic Girdle
    • Thigh
    • Leg
    • Foot
  • Axial Body:
    • Head
    • Neck
    • Back
    • Chest & Abdomen

You can sign up for the Entire Class, a full Region, or just a Module or two.

  • Click HERE to view all the muscles covered in MAMC.

And Click HERE to learn more about LearnMuscles Continuing Education (LMCE), my video streaming subscription service that contains more than 2,000 video lessons (as of May 1st, 2020), with more added each and every week! (Note: MAMC is 50% off for all LMCE subscribers!)