Permission Joseph E. Muscolino. Manual Therapy for the Low Back and Pelvis - A Clinical Orthopedic Approach (2013).

Deep Pressure Massage to the Low Back – Deep Strokes

To transition to perform deep strokes and maintain proper body mechanics, it is necessary to transition from being perpendicular to be slightly horizontal to glide along the client’s body. However, minimize the horizontal direction or pressure into the client’s tissues will be lost.

Permission Joseph E. Muscolino. Advanced Treatment Techniques for the Manual Therapist: Neck (2013).

Neck Deep Pressure Massage: Step by Step – Deep Stroking Massage

When performing deep pressure massage, deep stroking massage must originate from your core by further rocking your pelvis and extending your spine forward. Short deep strokes to the neck between 1 and 2 inches (2-5 centimeters) in length allow you to preserve optimal body mechanics.

manual therapy certification teaches assessment and treatment skill sets such as palpation

Manual Therapy Certification for Chiropractors

What is most important in any Manual Therapy Certification program is marrying together the underlying science with the hands-on manual therapy skills.