massage and blood circulation

Can Massage Increase Blood Circulation?

Regardless of the underlying mechanism, there seems to be a growing number of studies that do show a correlation between massage therapy and blood circulation. Although these studies at present seem to be inconsistent in their findings, the fact that many of them do show a causal relationship is encouraging.

workplace physical activity

Physical Activity Linked to Healthier and Longer Life, but Highly Physically Active Workers Die Early

When working, we place a demand on the body and the body responds by adapting to meet those demands. However, every tissue, has a limit to the mechanical stress that it can accept during physical activity without injury. It would seem likely that the demands of some professions are too great for the human body.

dancers and ACL injuries

Learning from Dancers to Prevent Non-Contact ACL Injuries

The authors suggested that experienced dancers demonstrate safer landing strategies compared to recreational athletes. Dance training experience may provide protection against high-risk movement patterns. And thus, dance training may be modeled to prevent ACL injuries.

Iliotibial Band. Permission Joseph E. Muscolino. The Muscular System Manual - The Skeletal Muscles of the Human Body, 4th ed. (Elsevier 2017).

Differences in Knee and Hip Adduction in Runners with Iliotibial Band Syndrome

This study seems to show a relationship between iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome and knee adduction (genu varum) and the activation of the TFL. A relationship can be two incidents that occur together, termed a “coincidence.” Or there can be a causal relationship between them; i.e., one causes the other to occur.

Genu Knee Valgus

Decreased Ankle Dorsiflexion is Associated with Dynamic Knee Valgus

A proposed biomechanical explanation is that restricted ankle joint dorsiflexion directly results in overpronation of the foot, which causes internal rotation of the lower extremity, which strains the external/abductor musculature, which can then no longer prevent femoral adduction; hence genu valgus.

Tight hip abductor and/or adductor musculature can change the frontal plane posture of the pelvis, resulting in a scoliosis. Permission Joseph E. Muscolino. Kinesiology - The Skeletal System and Muscle Function, 3ed (Elsevier, 2017)

How Can Tight Muscles of the Hip Joint Cause a Scoliosis?

So, if hip abductor group on one side is tighter at baseline tone than the hip adductor group on that side, the pelvis will be pulled into depression on that side, resulting in a lumbar scoliosis that is convex on that side. Similarly, tight opposite-side hip adductor musculature can cause the same scoliotic curve.

backpack and adolescent back pain article by Joseph Muscolino.

Does Carrying a Backpack Cause Back Pain in Adolescents?

And perhaps the biggest problem I have with this study about backpacks and adolescent back pain is that an overuse syndrome usually does NOT cause pain in the early stages. When the body is physically stressed by something like carrying a backpack, it often requires many years before the overuse results in pain.

Upper and Lower Crossed Syndromes. Permission Joseph E. Muscolino. Artwork: Giovanni Rimasti.

Thoracic Hyperkyphosis – The Critical Component of Upper Crossed Syndrome

For most of our clients who present with the postural distortion pattern known as upper crossed syndrome, it is important, perhaps absolutely necessary, to include thoracic spinal joint mobilization technique into extension as part of the treatment plan to address the thoracic hyperkyphosis.

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Five more Do and Don’t Precautions for Massage Therapists

One precaution is that when we do need to use the thumb or fingers, it is a good guideline to always try to contact the client with the pad of the thumb or fingers, instead of the tips of the fingers. In other words, do not lead with the fingertips.

brain-3168269_1280 - pain neuroscience

How Can Tight Hip Flexors Give You a Headache?

Tight hip flexor musculature causes excessive anterior tilt of the pelvis… hyperlordosis of the lumbar spine… hyperkyphosis of the thoracic spine… hypolordosis of the lower neck with hyperextension of the head at the atlanto-occipital joint… forward head carriage… tight posterior neck muscles… headache.

FREE DCOMT video – One Handed Towel Traction for the Neck with Shoulder Girdle Stabilization

Traction for the cervical spine is indicated for the client with a pinched nerve in the neck because it opens up the intervertebral foramina to decompress the spinal nerves. Dr. Joe Muscolino demonstrates how to easily perform neck traction using a towel.

subcutaneous connective tissue interstitium.

Interstitium: “Rediscovery” of the Connective Tissue System of the Body

It is ironic and bittersweet that this article recognizing the importance of the interstitium, reveals its ignorance of any research already published about that very soft tissue. By describing it as “previously unrecognized,” this demonstrates the long-standing bias against soft tissues by the Western Medicine.

brain-3168269_1280 - pain neuroscience

Pain Science — just as Colorful, Convincing, and Vocal as the Old Guard

“Given that the physical therapy profession has clearly been wrong so many times before, why do the current pain science advocates appear to suggest that this time we have it right?” Should therapists be so “…blinkered by a single approach or school of thought that they deny, or cannot see, the value of another?”