Manual therapy case study for sciatica.

The therapist’s session consisted of moist heat, soft tissue manipulation, and stretching to the low back with double knee to chest stretch performed with agonist contract technique and stretching the left side of the low back with Armin side-lying on his right side.

extension mobilization stretch for the thoracic spine on an exercise ball

The Thoracic Spine… The Silent Saboteur

There is an old saying that no posture is bad unless you get stuck in it. The problem is that the thoracic spine often does get stuck in bad posture.

One of the skill sets of manual therapy is stretching: here we see a stretch to the abductors of the hip joint

What is Manual Therapy?

The following techniques are considered to be Manual Therapy techniques: Massage (Soft Tissue Manipulation), Stretching, Joint Mobilization, Hydrotherapy.